I am Albert Otshudi Longe, my dad likes to call me Alphonse. A young African civil society leader in defense of human rights, good governance and inclusive development representative of the collective interests of all Africans, including youth and rural populations. 

I believe in Pan-Africanist ideology as an enabling tool for social peace and development in Africa. This notion should be understood in the context of African History and appreciation of diversity so that our actions and policies are guided towards sustaining the positive values that define our identity. 

Professionally trained as an environmental scientist, I have gone beyond my field of academics to responding to the urgent need of the African continent, leadership development centered on knowledge for adapatation to existing and emerging socio-economic, cultural and political trends in a globalizing and technologically advanced world. 

I completed university education at Africa University in Zimbabwe, where I was part of leadership of the student movement and with friends founded the Pan African Club which I lead. An organization seeking to empower communities with knowledge for intellectual honesty and independence so as to proactively address the challenges of our society. Upon graduation from Africa University, I served as a Missionary of the United Methodist Church, firstly in Manila, Philippines developing capacity of community and people’s organizations to be effective in their efforts for development and later served as Programs Director of the Great Lakes Ecumenical Forum in Kinshasa, D R Congo , managing programs aimed at peace, unity and development through Christian churches in countries that are part of the Great Lakes Region of Africa. 

I served as Consultant to the General Board of Church and Society, where I was an intern during my college years, also provided consultancy services to parliamentary offices, ministries and non governmental organizations on policy development, impact evaluation and analysis, inclusive and sustainable development. I do teach at universities and international schools across the Democratic Republic of Congo and lead special courses on social justice or advocacy in various countries. 

I am an open minded person and willing to engage in constructive interactions and if need be for contact, please feel free to write me via email, albertotshudi@gmail.com 


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