The living miracles


Thanking our Creator for the continuity of life and unending grace helps us grow in harmony with Him, and we are so grateful that He continues to perform miracles in our lives.  The month of October has a special meaning for me because it reminds me of my birthday and the awesome blessings of friends and family. It is also time for me to reflect on my life, what i have accomplished and that which i am yet to accomplish to ensure that i live a good life. A life worth God’s acceptance.

Over the last two decades there is has been great expansion of the evangelical movement across the world. More spectacular ways in which the Holy spirit manifests itself in our midst, and i have been a good observer, always seeking to be untouched by the experience and doing so with caution. I get to chat with some of my friends attending large churches led by these prophets and spiritual personalities, and there is a constant affirmation of miracles happening in their lives. These miracles are visible through immediate healing, falling and other spectacular moves and this attracts large crowds of people. Just early this year i watched a video of a woman who lost weight after one of the prophets in Zimbabwe prayed for her. I was so immediate that she needed to adjust her skirt so it won’t fall off.

We can’t claim with certainty that these are genuine manifestations of God’s power or not, but at least we thank God for all the positive that happens in human life in whatever form. But what attracts me most today isn’t the spectacular moves visible in many churches today, but the silent living miracles that God is performing in our lives. These miracles are so silent that we hardly notice but feel God’s hand in our affairs. These miracles are of healing, relief, life, happiness and many other issues.  I like a comment by one musician who at the start of the song stated that sleeping and waking up isn’t a habit, but a grace from God. We don’t deserve to live but because of His unfailing grace He is giving us the opportunity to live and be His disciples.

These are the living miracles that I have come to appreciate in my soon to celebrate 22 years of life. The miracles are so great that only my heart bears witness and testimony of the goodness of the Lord. I do remember mourning a few weeks ago the passing away of one of my friends from childhood, being of good health and stable the friend died a natural death. It was hard to imagine or accept but I had to ask myself what more have I done to God to be so gracious and continue to offer life unto me free of charge.

At times our lives are filled with doubts and we do press for urgent and immediate changes or manifestation of God. We at times offer Him a schedule by when He should do things but He is so wise that He works on His own schedule. Saving us from trouble, death, misery and other negative attributes visible in our communities isn’t because we are unique, but because He promised to perform miracles more than what Jesus Did. If Jesus had to raise someone from the dead, God is rather choosing to keep you alive despite your sickness, worries and uncertainty so that you may be a living miracle and witness to the world. Indeed we are called to testify of that which we have seen, and confess the glory of God. I am proud to be one of the living miracles of Christ in the world.Do you not see what He has done unto you? Giving you breath free of charge when you are not so special to those whose bodies are being laid to rest. It’s time for us to realize that God is still performing miracles in our lives, not the way we expect it but the manner in which it best responds to our needs and thus the need to continuously be grateful unto Him.

One of the hymns i love to sing if possible every Sunday at church is, It is well with my soul. It’s because since i have come to understand the miracles of this wonderful God in my life, my heart is at peace, even though the wind may blow in different directions, I know that He stretched out His staff to keep me on the solid rock upon which He continues to bless people and call me to a better understanding of Him and continuous repentance of my sinful ways.

Let us know rush for what is pleasing to the eyes but rather that which satisfies our soul and welfare. If you doubt about he ability of God to perform wonders in your life, you need not to be troubled, just pray, trust Him, call upon His name and He will respond in a miraculous way to will leave you to wonder and never forget to be thankful to him. If it were not for Jesus, who would have saved us!


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