Awesome God

2011 EYA Commissioning in DC

2011 EYA Commissioning in DC

There is great joy and excitement in being able to say to God a big thank you. We are usually caught in the inescapable reality of challenges and the need to have what we consider better than our present circumstances, and forget to give thanks to God for who we are and what He is doing in us and for us.  Not just thank you to God but also to those we live with daily, their smiles, hate and complications make life more exciting than we can imagine.

Just a few days ago i was sitting in my room doing nothing but checking on the music i have in my computer and compare its composition and a reflection of the authors. Not only did i appreciate the inspiration found in the music i listen to but it took me to a different level of being able to say to God thank you for all, whether positive or negative. Mostly we all get worried as to why certain things happen to us, at times we get angry at those who tell us to praise God for all circumstances but up until you get to discover the real plan of God for humanity you may not be moved to say thank you to God.

I was touched by a song of praise from the late Alain Moloto with the lyrics used speaking more about my hope and trust in God. The lyrics are in French but will try translating in English

Even though the world around me collapses
And even if at the end of my journey
I do not know of a small relief
 I declare you are God.

Because I did not need to see to believe
I do not ask questions such as why
In You I will build my hopes
I declare you are God.

Even if the sky gave no rain
And even though in my heart I did not believe
The tree in my garden bear fruit
Which will show that You are God

Even though men are no longer able to sing Your praise
The songs of birds will rise to Thee
Even though men do not want to celebrate Thy praise
The stones will rise to cheer
Time can stop and the stars fall from the sky
You are God, Your kingdom has no end

And even if your promises last long
As rare birds in spring evenings
I know that You never depend on time
I declare you are God.

The continued need to say thank you to God shouldn’t be related to our joy, but even in moments of sorrow and despair. I was transformed through the songs of this man, as his death was induced by a poison he was a targeted victim of since 2006 because of his songs and sermons. In another song, he says ” You are the hope of those gone in anticipation of a resurrection” . It is this hope that i bear for some of my friends who have departed this earth before us. It pains a lot that we don’t understand why people die, especially loved ones but appreciating that death is just the beginning of a new life in Christ.  I was troubled to learn of some friends from high school and college who passed away, people with whom i loved having discussions and share thoughts with but when i looked at the song i just had to say thank you to God for their lives.

God is awesome, He is great in ways that we may not see. The life we get free of charge from a God we have never seen, it’s only our hearts that bear the wonderful testimonies of this God that no on else knows. Our ability to continue a positive relationship with our creator is being able to say thank you unto him. A friend shared 3 expressions that we got to use to have a good relationship with all and God. Being able to greet people when you meet them, saying a good morning to those you know and those you don’t opens new relations and opportunities for you. Being able to say I am sorry, repairs relations that would have been damaged by a mistake or disappointment. Lastly being able to say thank you, will encourage others and God to continue doing good unto us.

Because our God is awesome, we ought to be awesome as well, by sharing his love and grace unto all regardless of our circumstances, whether in times of joy or sorrow for He alone understands the mystery our life and has the key to salvation. Lest you not be discouraged with difficulties you encounter on your way for there are positive promises He has made unto you.

He calls illness recovery, refers to death as sleep, He is the resurrection to life, hope in times of despair and awesome God to hangout with!


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