Changing times and life

Growing up isn’t the only change we experience in life, but we do also change our lives, personality and nurture into new ways. We tend to replace our old self with new personalities that maybe different but holding the same physical body.  The most significant of all is change of lives and personality.

Student union swearing in

Student union swearing in

Just a year ago my phone was filled with contacts that had nicknames, lots of chatting groups. I would exchange some weird e-mail with friends in a language that only a few people could understand, but now its the opposite. It’s surprising that when i compare my old phone with the current one, the present one has more respectable names of the same people. Instead of it being a nickname, its now a full name with a title. What a change! When i write e-mails to my roommates from school, its now Mr and ending with the words, blessing, peace, grace and love.

All those are changes that we go through in life, as we get a new profession, a new residence and new opportunities. And being a missionary is just one of those. Getting a new language and lifestyle than you would have imagined, gradually changing in an invisible way. As a missionary i have come to learn a new language, a language of grace, blessings, sympathy, care and compassion. A wonderful language that you would never know how it came about and you feel satisfied of the milestone. It is a language that you learn as you serve, it comes by its own as you have no better words than that of love and care to those who love and hate you. I just noted this when exchanging e-mails with one of high school friend, we would send each other funny texts and e-mails without even greetings or wishes, but suddenly it has changed and when i read all our previous conversations i thought to myself that times and life have changed. A change that brings us closer to the realization that God is above all.

I did notice a similar thing as well with my college friends on facebook. During our first year we would post pictures and funny posts but after graduation it becomes the gospel of God. The gospel of life overtakes our conversation, reason and action. What better change do we desire in life? I feel mission satisfies that change, the change of helping others realize the love of God even in times of despair and sorrow. When i move around and see people living a life that limits their opportunities, i pray for grace and go beyond that to helping out. Grace and service ceases to be my professional endeavor but behavior and an attribute of my personality, and that’s how wonderful being a missionary is.

Change can be scary and frustrating, but absolutely the best thing you will never regret in life and without which you may not see with new eyes and sing a new song. As we experience change, let us think of how good the change is to our lives, don’t resist the change but embrace it with generosity. New things are happening around us everyday and we are called to embrace it and that’s how God will reward us for He said ” Look, i am doing new things, the old will go away”.

Let’s be ready for change and real change happens when we are unconscious but the wake will be filled with joy! If you want to be transformed, be a missionary and you’ll love it.


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