On Forgiveness

It’s always good to remember that i do a have a blog! Been kind of busy of late and could not have time to express some of my thoughts on issues we deal with daily. Today i just thought of sharing a short reflection on forgiveness as a Christian. I do understand this is one of the basic things we have had to learn from an early age but still struggle with daily, especially if we are faced with the most difficult questions at times relating to life, future and our welfare.

On Sunday i had the opportunity to worship with youth leaders from across the United Methodist Church in the Philippines, in an island. The service was great and the sermon was very powerful. It was about being disciples of Christ in the transformation of the world. As the youth national president was preaching, i started thinking about the life of Christ with his disciples and what attracted my attention most was the Lord’s prayer which He taught them. It had a moving power within me. What appalled me most was the statement where we ask for forgiveness as we forgive those who trespass against us.


I thought to myself that i always request God to forgive me as i do forgive others. Certainly knowing that i am not perfect calls for the need to confess of my sins and inequities, but do i forgive all the people who do me wrong. Yes i do forgive, but is it for certain that i forgive all the people? That still bubbled in my mind the whole Sunday afternoon, it made me realize that we commit ourselves to something difficult than we can imagine and ultimately affects our relationship with God. There are those people that hurt us more and we fail to comprehend why things happen that way. People may simply hate you because of your skin colour, physical outlook, thoughts or anything as simple as your choice of food. Those are things we experience everyday, we don’t understand it and at times have no option but to allow life to go on as such.

One essential aspect that i noted is that we always have to forgive, even in pain it is the best remedy and relief we can ever get. Knowing that we are free from the mental burden of hurt or disappointment offers us the opportunity to love, smile and live a better life with all those around us. It is difficult but essential. Beyond forgiveness comes the aspect of reconciling ourselves with one another and the Almighty. It doesn’t simply end by us forgiving people internally, but letting them know that we have nothing wrong against them and that we love them regardless of the past or differences we bear.

I do at times get disappointed with certain experiences especially if i held the person high with positive anticipation. It comes with a heavy heart but i have always tried to turn it into a positive learning experience. At times it may just be differences of understanding opinions, language or attitudes but the most important aspect of our lives as Christians is to forgive so that we may also be forgiven. Unless we forgive others, our confessions and request for forgiveness may not be granted by the Lord, not because He doesn’t want to but because we have declared it ourselves.

Yesterday after midnight i decided to go out and grab a burger, whilst standing in the queue waiting to be served a lady slightly older than me found my shirt for a napkin and decided to spread the dirt from her hands on the back of my shirt. I looked back and everyone was shocked at her action and the staff were apologizing on her behalf. I looked furious, almost ready to slap her, but i thought a smile would help. I just decided to remove the shirt and remain with an inner t-shirt i usually keep to myself indoors. After being served i decided to walk over to the lady and give her a burger, everyone was surprised and laughed. Today when i visited the shop, the waitress decided to ask for my name and said that i made her day, she was furious as the day proved difficult for her but after seeing my action, she laughed and was released of the stress and burdens she carried.

At times our actions of forgiveness teach other people lessons silently. Lessons we never know of and would never estimate its impact on the lives of the many that bear witness to our lives. That’s how far forgiveness can go. Even when people push us to the wall, stimulating us to the worst actions ever possible, we are always called to forgive because we value more the forgiveness from our father. You might have lost all you had, the trust you had on some people, all your finances or savings or even family, but neither hate nor anger will ever address those challenges. Allow history to be written, move on with life on the positive attitude with love, forgiveness and care for others.

Indeed forgiveness is more than we can do when facing certain challenges, but it is the right thing. If God was to react in the same way we do unto others who hurt us, we wouldn’t be alive. Because that divine grace has been given unto us, let us extend it to others, that we maybe Christ-like and receive life abundantly as desired by the Almighty!


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