The Sexuality Gospel


It’s good to know that the blog still exists! Kind of funny that my presence hasn’t been regular as i wish but we are still thankful to God for the opportunity to share and reflect together. I know some maybe wondering that we read little about his experience! Yeah, its kind of funny that i am good at sharing reflections and just a limited part of the daily activities i undertake and will surely keep you all updated.

I surely spent some good time reflecting on the present realities that our world is facing, especially the religious (more precisely Christian ) community with regards to sex. Yes, most of us find it difficult to express ourselves and our views on sexuality because of the fear of being labelled or considered differently or homophobic by some or compassionate by others. In either way what is important is that we break the barriers that limit our ability to think. As far as i know there exist no agency regulating human thought and thus no need for permission or fear to express. My views aren’t to talk of any aspect of sexual identification (we’ll deal with it later) but the concept of sex in our modern age.

It’s disappointing that most of us live in a world where sex is the major talk of the day, in churches, streets, media, schools and professional circles. Most of the newspapers are currently selling because of the sexual content it has, either as a column article, photograph or cartoons. In churches, we’ve since forgotten all the other messages written in the Bible except the talk about sex. Whenever you go to a mall or public place, your eyes are ever roaming for either cute ladies or guys to hang out with, trying your luck even during prayer sessions! All that is part of reality, but i would say that we’ve gone the wrong way.

As humans we have the gift of sex and as Christians we understand it to be enjoyed in marriage. But that is missing from the reality, we are more concerned about sexual identity to the extent that our young people don’t even know the basic teachings of sexual relations because we don’t talk about it. Our societies have no rules or ethics as to what age can people engage in sexual activity, all we see is a bunch of people advocating for the effects of early sexual activities such as pregnancies but we don’t even think for a minute as to what the cause has been.

I stopped subscribing to 3 newspapers early this month because for the last 4 months, the major headlines were dealing with sexual activities either of celebrities, leaders or expressing what a cool guy of lady has to do. We don’t even know what age appropriate sexual education is. We have forgotten the basic definition of pornography because it’s visible at newsletters and magazines accessible to all with nude pictures.

Yes, those are the problems of a society where sex has it all about life. But i would invite all to some deep reflections as to what that means for the next generations. I met a 14 year old boy last Saturday and had a good chat and one thing he told me was that he no longer values a woman’s body and sees nothing special about them because he has seen everything and that he knows a woman’s body better than a grown up adult. Those are the types of kids our society has produced, and i wonder why we would question 20 years after his life the number of sexual partners he had and if others have become single moms. The same also happens for girls and where are we as Christians when our society is faced with such a crucial question. When we choose to close our eyes on such issues, we are contributing to our own destruction and that of generations to come.

If needed churches want t build healthy societies, let us teach our young brothers and sisters, even the old ones about what healthy sexual behavior is, in what context should sexual relations be undertaken and advocate for a youth friendly media that doesn’t promote pornography or promiscuity.

We have glorified sex in our churches, schools, workplaces and shopping centres, i seems like without it we aren’t cool and we’ve forgotten the other teachings of the Bible, and summarized the gospel to that of sexual identification. Of course there are people with thousands of quotations from Martin Luther Jr and many others but is that our only focus. Whilst focusing on sexual identification in our pulpits, there are murders, rape, theft, suicide and lots of other sins on which we have put a blind eye on. I wonder what God is thinking of us when our members at church don’t know the commandments but only the quotation of love your neighbor. We seem not concerned about the other parts of the scripture except the call to love. Of course love is the greatest commandment but not the only one, what have we done with the rest.

Its time that we come back to our senses and thoughts to consider where this sexuality gospel is leading us. The world is need great need of healing and it takes our individual and collective efforts to ensure that we build a safe world for generations to come. It’s time that we change our gospel, to a gospel of repentance and salvation for without it we have no purpose in being Christians. A good pastor and friend posted today on facebook the two things he wakes up saying to himself, ” I am a great sinner and Christ is my only savior”. Let’s create circumstances that limit our sins in recognition of the unique savior. Let’s not commit the sin of intentionally allowing the moral decay of society, God and history will reward you!


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