The Facebook Christian


Communication is a very essential aspect of our life and social media has made things quite easy. Now we can connect with friends, share our joy and sorrows, post our views and share information with numerous people at a lower cost. It has also attracted numerous kinds of people and led to an emerging culture of communication across the globe and this is especially impacting our Christian faith, values and morals that we hold and our relationships as members of a community. Not only have Christians maximised the use of facebook to spread the gospel and different views but the anti-Christ and demonic institutions have also done the same.

The use of social network is good but we have moved from the basics that define its use and have gone to the worst that we could have ever imagined. It seems like there is nothing like sin in our use of facebook. I have just picked facebook among other sites that are widely used for its popularity. We seem to put off our faith and principles of social norms and behavior when we get to our phones, ipads and laptops. Of late i have been observing a lot and decided to be silent by not countering certain behavior and notice if there would be change but i concluded that such behavior has been normalised in our settings. Just a few examples to be specific.

1. The use of the F word is so frequent without remorse and we tend to be believe its the norm when posting or commenting.

2. Nudity no longer means anything to our eyes for we can view, post and share nude pictures of ourselves and friends even when we have teens as friends on our pages.

3. Insults is the best response for disagreements. We openly insult others who don’t share the same views with us on facebook on the pretext of freedom of expression.

4. We join and like pages that have pornographic materials and never feel bad about it.

5. We post Bible verses that don’t edify or teach us but that which seeks to justify our point and counter the views of others and making ourselves justified by the Bible.

6. We allow our teenagers to openly join facebook without any parental control.

7. We post things for fun even when it goes against our beliefs and praise alcohol and certain beverages of choice.

8. We post about about problems and challenges without taking time to pray for it in private or in the company of others.

9. We spend most of our time chatting and failing to keep up with our work and obligations and we justify it to ourselves by claiming to have lost to do.

These are just a few thoughts about my observation on our use of facebook, and at times we need to pose and ask where is our faith in all this and how can we use the social media as an opportunity to grow and become good Christians.

Facebook has taken all of our time that even the minimum standards of faith has been blotted out of us, we even forget to pray because there are pending notifications. We need to go back to the scripture and look at how we are expected to live our lives. We are called to live a life of holiness that is blameless in the sight of God. It is time that we realize how unproductive we have become because of social networking and how we seem to be on the decline with our faith. I have noted that everyone is seeking to conform to the standards deemed acceptable in our society but not necessarily to the Biblical standards.

I had some conversation recently with my Dad and asked him why he isn’t using facebook so much as before. And his response was how can i be online when most of the pictures and messages that people post are indecent messages of sexuality, nude pictures and trading of insults. I then realized that we are not building a healthy community if others restrain from the use of such facilities because of our unethical practices. Where do we put our ethics and standards when in front of our phones and laptops. Are we still Christians or not.

Another funny aspect is how we all become good preachers on facebook but do not live as what we post. We all appear matured and people of sound faith when we post materials with awesome biblical quotes but never hold ourselves to such standards. I believe that Social media is a good platform for us to invite others to Christ and not abuse it and spread wrong messages. Let’s be careful for what we do because not only people of positive intents use facebook. Recently, i watched a video of Prophet T B Joshua of Nigeria exorcising a person whose life was abused by facebook and was connecting with evil spirits through the platform, do you know your friends? What do you chat and how does that help you grow.

I am hopeful that we will not be the facebook type of Christians who confuse both the positive and negatives at the same time, but be people who can truly stand with our faith in such platforms and communicate boldly the will of God unto humanity.


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