New transforming encounters


Its a blessing to be able to meet new faces and get to know a lot of people in your community or environment. I believe that every human being is a unique blessing and that i have more to learn as i come across people wherever i am. Of late i have been in touch with a lot of African people in the Philippines and nearby countries, i have had the opportunity to travel share and eat with them and it led me to an appreciation of the unique ways in which God is transforming communities through new encounters.

It seems to be fun at first, filled with hesitation, doubt and ambiguity but getting to trust and allow yourself to learn is what will obviously transform you. A life without transformation isn’t worth living for no one is complete and learning is essential till death. Just a few weeks ago i met a tall , dark guy with long hair in a restaurant, our eyes crossed and he looked kind but i couldn’t trust him at first sight because he just looked different from my expectations and thoughts. After getting my meal, the guy decided to join me at my table and we started chatting after brief introductions of ourselves. When he started talking about his life my heart was filled with pain and he narrated how he happens to be in the Philippines and what he looks forward to doing, little did i know that He is Congolese just like me!

The man claimed to have never trusted God because of his previous experience where everything was wrong. He came to the Philippines on a business trip, missed his flight back because of untold delays and few hours later robbed of his passport and cash. I wondered and then asked how he is surviving, and his response is that God provides. I couldn’t think of it as a realistic point but later realized that God has been present in his life. He told me that he understood what happened to him as an important message from God compelling him to change his life. His previous life has not been pleasing to God and in many ways he found himself involved in corrupt activities and at times visiting witches and demons. But he happened to meet Jesus at a time when he did not expect. Nobody preached to him the need to look for Christ, but the Lord revealed himself to him and transformed him into a new person.

He shared with me very good points as to why He believes in God and why he is committed to serve him in many ways. The first being to learn to understand that God is only one and that He reveals himself in many ways that you may not expect. Secondly, your attitudes, thoughts and intentions should always be positive regardless of the challenges and situation that you face. God is able to transform your circumstances as He wishes. You need not to dictate God or put deadlines unto Him for he knows what is best for you and He offers his grace unto whom he desires. This man has been transformed through deceiving and shocking experiences and now leads an international firm in the Philippines.

The life story of this man transformed me and a passage came to my mind as i thought of how God can transform negative intentions to a positive one. The story of Balaam and Balak in the Bible (Numbers 21-22) where He spoke the opposite of the expectation. Instead of cursing, He blessed Israel and even the Horse had to speak because God was at work.

As you live your daily life, i invite you to transform your thoughts, expectations and plans to a positive position and trusting in God’s ability to do the impossible. God never achieves what you set for Him, remember He already has a plan for you which is of good and not evil. Seek to be transformed by the people and experiences you encounter in your daily life for you may not know that there might be gates of blessings and more opportunities. Let not your differences deter you from experiencing the unlimited grace of Christ for that maybe your day of salvation. Always say blessings to those who bless you, bless those who curse you, bless those who give you war and pain, bless all the world for blessings is the language of Christians.


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