Where is Christ?


Its been a while since i last shared some thoughts on this platform and some would have questioned the silence, but i am grateful that God has blessed us with opportunities to serve him that took most of our time. Overt the past few weeks i have been witnessing a lot of things around Manila and nearby provinces and communities and at times raised questions to ask where God is and whether He is seeing what is happening and if it’s His will. These are questions that we don’t frequently ask unless we meet the extremes on our path and feel a sense of void in the reaction.

I have asked the question where is Christ because a lot has happened to the many people in the Philippines, from demolition to trafficking, extortion and murders and most of the victims are innocent young children who do not know anything.  The system has just been unfair to them and no one has raised an alarm to question these and those who try to are easily murdered. Life which is sacred has been taken for a commodity, people are no longer afraid of the sanctity of the blood. One of the community i frequently visit has suffered a great blow of insecurity and such challenges, since my arrival 3 consecutive leaders of a local government unit have been killed for questioning certain systems of oppression and i get scared and wonder Where is Christ.

Injustice has replaced justice, corruption has replaced rights and violence has replaced peace. Across the world a lot of innocent people are dying and the prospects seem not to be indicative of a positive future. When we think of Christ we see a God of mercy, Love, compassion and gratitude but at times question if all that is done is His will. I would believe that it’s not His will o see blood flow at the rate at which it is doing right now. And as Christians we are called by Christ to be his earthly representation and do what He would have done if He physically lived with us. Its disappointing that some of us have betrayed the gospel but standing with the oppressors and ignore the calling for a Christ like life. We are the Christ of the world, our lives need to be like and for Christ. Paul writes that ” when i live it is no longer me, but Christ in me”. We have not just taken the fame, name and power but also the responsibility to be Christ-like.

It is time that we invite each other to reflect as to whether we are fulfilling the mission that God sent us on earth. Where is Christ? Do we need someone else to be born in Nazareth to solve the current problems, or those of us who believe and were given the power over all powers and dominions need to act. God has loved us so much that He elevated us to be His friends and take the challenge of our faith. Christ is present, you are Christ and are you willing to die for others or will you wait for Christ to come again to save His children?

We are called to be the Christ to the world and be our brothers/sisters’ keepers and their welfare has to be our priority. Many people in the streets are wondering where Christ is, do not be the Peter who denies Christ but the one ready to die for the gospel, be the Christ to the world.


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