Courageous Christianity

Just a few weeks ago when i returned from the Young Adults Missionary training, i decided to try and put in practice what i have learnt in my own country before i do in a different country.  It was all about simple living. So i decided with my brother that we will ride public transportation, not even a taxi to the city centre to go through some basic errands.  We jumped on a bus which the local people in Kinshasa named it ” Esprit de Mort”  (Dying spirit) because it’s well known for accidents that kill many people and reckless drivers and almost dead engines.

The trip was to take us about 10 minutes but with the condition of the bus, it took us 25 minutes. I almost questioned myself why i am tall because my feet couldn’t fit in the space between me and the person in front of me, the seats were replaced with wooden benches with a place a place for you back to lean on, because that’s the easiest trick to make more money for bus operators.

After moving for about 5 minutes and the bus was full, i hear someone from the front inviting people to pray and he started singing. After a minute of silence, i noticed that i was the only one not singing and even my brother joined.  The man prayed and started preaching, it was strange to me that he could preach on the bus and i looked like a foreigner but pretended to be accustomed to it. The man started giving a testimony of his life and how he met God in prison, he was imprisoned for a charge he never knew or even committed just because it was the son of a senior army officer who committed the crime but to give an impression of justice, an innocent person had to be imprisoned under the name of the offender and he was a victim of circumstances.  His message touched me and when people started giving offerings to support his work, i put my hand in the pocket and only discovered that i only had my bank card. My brother laughed and gave me some money to give to the preacher.

From that experience i learnt about being a courageous Christian. The man was going to a different destination but he felt compelled to share his story with us, little did he know the impact it would have on those who would listen to him. At first it was frustrating but it later turned to be a moment of spiritual reflection, i asked myself if i could gain the courage to share my story like this guy on the bus and if so, what would i say.  I later learned from my brother that preaching on the bus is a common practice for most evangelists and pastors, even from mainline churches. They do this not to attract people to their churches but to convey God’s message wherever they get the opportunity to.

The Christian life is full of courage and i reflected on a hymn that i love most, Here I am Lord, the hymn communicates my desire to serve God wherever he leads me to, but would i really accept going to preach on deadly buses? Indeed courage is part of the Christian teachings and we need to have the courage to help, spread the good news and share with others about God’s wonderful deeds in our lives whenever and wherever we have the opportunity to. The span of mission isn’t restricted to formal settings but serving in the world, wherever God sends us. I hope God will help use i and you wherever he finds it fitting to serve him regardless of circumstances or challenges for that is the life we are called to, a life of sacrifice and dedicated service to humanity.


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