At the crossroad of mercy and Justice.

One of the phenomenal aspects of the Christian faith is being at the crossroad of mercy and justice, and asking oneself what Jesus would do in such a situation. Over the years, i have been making attempts at reflecting on the relationship between mercy and justice and how my faith can speak to such circumstances and be moved in the right direction of being my bother or sister’s keeper. I have come to the conclusion that it’s a challenge and we need both as Christians so we can move together.

Most of the time, when we talk about mercy we often think of forgiveness or our actions that tend to be considerate of other people’s wrong doings and being willing to help them not feel the brunt of suffering or an unfair justice system. When this takes place some people do believe that it is a way of allowing people to continuously do wrong because they will become so complicit with the act of mercy they would have received in the previous case, and therefore the call for justice becomes necessary. Then, we also note that justice is often made reference to what people deserve. It’s not about stiff punishment but rather a fair system where people get what they deserve, and the question that we strive to answer in both cases has always been what would Jesus do if this happened to him.

When we reach such a crossroad of mercy and justice, we at times become confused and fail to understand what God is calling us to do. We are called to show mercy and also at the same time exercise justice. Justice that is fair and which relates to the circumstances of the community, a justice system that is non-discriminatory and which seeks to restore relations that would have been broken when an act of wrong doing have been committed.

It’s good to show mercy and we also need to know that it’s not enough till we are able to exercise justice. Justice in our homes, communities, and nations and justice for the world. God is calling you today to embark on a new journey, a journey where you stand for justice and be the voice of the voiceless when they are abused, maltreated or de-humanized because of human facets. The call to God’s service isn’t limited to pastoral service, or deaconess, or missionary. By becoming a Christian you made a lifetime commitment to serving God and being Christ to the world and taking actions on behalf of God in our human society so that his will can be accomplished. It’s never too early or too late to serve God for you will be remembered with the saints.


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