Journey with God

I have come to appreciate the story recorded in the Bible about Jesus asking his disciples that they cross to other side of the lake. Whilst sailing Jesus fell asleep because he was human and needed a rest for his body. As he was taking his rest, there was great wind blowing across the lake and the disciples were terrified and wondered around for a solution which wasn’t forthcoming. They somehow forgot that they were on a Journey with God. They suddenly rush to Jesus and ask him ” Master, don’t you care that we are dying?” To me it gives me an impression that the disciples were worried and had little hope that the wind could be brought under control. It’s a human perception that we visualize things within the limits of our knowledge and imaginations. We only think and operate within those limits and sometimes fail to appreciate the fact that we are on a journey with God who is the master of the universe.

To me the disciples up to this time, didn’t recognize that they were in the company of God, and this is mentioned in the Bible that they were all amazed and wondered as to who is this one who even commands the wind and it listens to him. When we journey with God, it’s an assurance of safe arrival at our destination and not always an ideal journey with no hurdles or worries. Temptations, concerns and trouble always come our way as we journey with God and that sometimes helps us understand fully God’s presence and company in our lives. At least there was an assurance that they will reach the other side of the lake but they were still worried about what they were going through on the course of their journey and lost hope of the good things that Jesus promised to them.

As we walk with the Lord, in the light of his word, we just need to trust and obey. To trust the fact that he is on our side and that he will fulfill his promise. We will make it regardless of the challenge that we may face on our way. It’s never easy but it’s a possible journey. We need to be strong and develop self motivation and reliance on God for our salvation and not be limited by science or the limited possibilities defined by humans. God is more than the visible aspects of our life on earth and he is ready to journey with us.


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