The unfinished story of Christianity

There is an unfinished story of Christianity that is not talked about in most settings even at churches or other gatherings. We have been taught to be believe in the confines of Christianity  within the books of the Bible and sometimes implying the end of the Christian story in the book of Revelations. But that is not true, the story of Christianity is not yet over, it’s unfinished, it’s still in progress.

God’s manifestation in the Bible is limited to a particular time in history but that doesn’t restrict the Christian doctrine to the confines of the Bible. The Bible offers good insights on the principles of our faith in God but isn’t limited only to the recorded experiences. The belief is that all Christian doctrines, principles and understanding emanate from the Bible only and this also gives an impression that we have nothing else to learn about God and Christianity after the period that the Bible was written. We deny the manifestation of God the rightful recognition in human society after the book of Revelation.

There is something interesting and attractive to me, the belief that, the story of Christianity isn’t limited to the Bible. Indeed there are prophets in the world right now, but we do offer little recognition of their existence and ministry. This may be an individual being a prophet to himself and to the society. It’s a great question to respond to but the fact is that we still have the Isaiah, Jeremiah, Amos, Moses that are appearing in different forms today and we tend to limit their scope of action to certain beliefs and little do we recognize it’s applicability in the Christian life and setting. The story of Christianity is still on going, we haven’t yet finished recording the manifestation of God in our lifetime and in his works in the world.  Christianity isn’t just about the history of the Israelite people that is recorded in the Bible, it’s also about the new insights that we can learn from the present experiences and circumstances that we go through and what God is telling us as we wrestle with the challenges of life today.

I strongly believe that the story of Christianity is unfinished, it’s still being written and new experiences taking place and new lessons to be learnt and new insights brought into an effort to redefine the Christian doctrine. Because of organized religion, we have come to believe that the ethics and values of Christianity are restricted to the Bible and we somehow offer a total separation of judging the present based on our single interpretation of the Bible and often blind-fold the the human aspect in our stories of the Bible so as to reject any sense of different interpretation of the Bible.

The Christian story can still be written, read and felt, but the most important aspect is how do we discern the rightful and appropriate message and manifestation of God in our midst and separate it from the human facets and creation that sometimes may simply be seeking spiritual connotation. The challenge is using the Holy spirit and our discernment ability to help recognize the new stories of Christianity that should not be denied special attention but rather allowed the right to be part of the Christian life and allow us to redefine our doctrines and beliefs so we can be good servants of God.

Let us soldier on to the recognizing that Christianity isn’t limited to the Bible and take every event as an important component that plays a role in the story of Christianity. Not only stories that we are comfortable with or stories that justify our cultural values and norms, but stories that are there to modify our experience and understanding of God. There are good and sad stories in the Bible and we aren’t immune to that even after the death and resurrection of Christ. Opening our minds and hearts and allow other people, experiences, knowledge and views to expand our knowledge of God is the only way to truly be part  of the gospel and Christian faith, not something handed to us by the church or indoctrinated to us but something that we truly own and have personal relations to.


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