Reality and the fear of the unknown

Often when we think of reality we always relate to the present things that we experience, live with and understand easily and clearly without having to struggle with. And we also have a sense of fear of the unknown, the unknown realities of life and the fear of embarking on a new journey when filled with doubt and uncertainty. One of the things that has become so apparent is that this is a normal feeling. It’s human and not inhuman to have a sense of fear from within especially for new circumstances.

The greatest question that comes into my mind is the reconciliation between the reality which is part of my experience, the single story and stereotypes that my mind has embraced graciously through indoctrination and justification of my social norms and the fears  that i have for new experiences.  We are products of tradition, experience, history and education, which in most cases fits to be indoctrination. We often view the world from one side because that is how we were taught and this leads me to the awkwardness of some of my sources of information.

In as much as i am informed through my experiences of what is real, there is need to appreciate the fact that there is something greater than my view of reality. My understanding of the events taking place across the world is so different from others and my faith is challenged to embrace diversity. I am reminded by one of the speeches by my dean of students at university that we need to celebrate diversity, not just of individuals, but views, and minds that sometimes challenges our state of being and opinions. The experience at school has been moving because you were forced into an intentional community where you have no choice but to appreciate the differences and similarities that exist among us.

We have constant fear of the unknown, this is because there is no perfect school of thought than first hand experience. My Dad always reminds me of the fact that there is no better teacher or education that i can get other than experience. Experience always teaches me that i can’t get a full understanding and appreciation of a place, community or people before i develop a relationship with them. Not a casual relationship but a formal relationship that helps us to share and learn from each other.

At times we are filled with this fear and an easy get away is justification of normalcy from our experience and view of reality. Life is more than just that. It is the belief in something and someone greater than ourselves and that the only way out is nothing but to love and be willing to learn from new experiences and cultures. It’s a constant challenge that we all struggle with and no one has answers to all the questions.

Love, nothing else but love will take us an extra mile from the limits of our human imaginations and understanding of God’s will.


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