Do this in remembrance of Me

It’s common practice in the Christian tradition that we take the Holy Communion and when we take it, we are told about Jesus breaking the bread with his disciples and after serving them with the bread and wine, he says do this in remembrance of me. We take this as part of the holy sacrament of the church, a meal that we respect so much it continuously has a transforming experience of many who take part in it. We feel different after sharing the meal and have a sense of deeper understanding of what it means to remember the life of Christ, how that impacts our life and also how that has an impact in shaping our future and ministry. This could have been an ordinary meal at the time that Jesus lived and maybe wasn’t a special meal. But the important part of this text and meal is that this is the last meal of Christ with the disciples and also an opportunity to remember the life and ministry of Christ.

In a world filled with poverty, hunger and injustice, how often do we remember the ministry of Christ with the marginalized members of our community. I believe we have a daily call to remember the life and ministry of Christ to the marginalized members of our society who go to bed hungry and find it hard to earn a standard wage. To me, what the message of this text implies is that, every time we eat we are called to remember the hungry, the poor and the needy. Communion isn’t simply about the regular schedule when we break the bread in our sanctuary but rather how often do we remember Christ. When we eat, let us eat with the hungry, when we feast let us remember Christ and the ministry to which we are called. I have fallen in love with a song that speaks to my heart, it reminds me of my sacred call to doing ministry with others. It says ” I will follow you into the homes of the broken, I will follow you into the world, meet the needs of the poor and the needy God, I will follow you into the world”.

Let us come together and break the cup and drink from the cup blessed by Christ, let us bring with us the needy members of our community, the poor, the marginalized and the homeless members. This table has no restriction, this is an open invitation to all and God will truly reward us for bringing all to the table.


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