Embark on a new journey

One of the most interest parts of the Bible to me is the calling of prophets by God. I always enjoy reading these pieces in the Bible as it challenges my understanding and view of the mission and ministry of God. The prophets were called by God to serve the people of God, to be God’s witness on earth and be a voice of the voiceless. Helping to remind people not to forget their Lord and his commandments. As normal as it is, the prophets showed a sense of resistance at first given the difficult task that was ahead of them, they were afraid of the existing institutions but because they believed in God and trusted him, given their personal relationship with him they boldly served God regardless of the challenges they faced in life.

I am strengthened by these tremendous experiences of the prophets being called to serve because it reminds me that God’s mission to the earth isn’t complete yet. He is still calling people, but at times we show reluctance to listen to that voice and sometimes we have difficulties to ascertain if it’s God’s calling or our personal desires or feelings. God is still asking today, who will go for us? Whom shall i send? If you can listen to that voice of the Lord, then be sure to say, Here i am lord, send me. we also say the same words that Jeremiah said, I am only but a youth. We believe that we are still young for God’s work, and other activities should be given precedence. But God is still telling us that we are not young for his ministry.

How then do i discern the type of ministry God has called me to? It’s a question that i have always asked myself for a long period of time, every time i think of that something comes to my mind, the question that comes to my mind is what are you good at? I always say to myself that i am not a good preacher but can take social justice advocacy and ministry because i am good at public speaking and getting people to support and stand by a cause and concern of the poor and marginalized members of our society. Then, i realize that,  i am called to that ministry, a ministry of social justice, using my skills and knowledge to empower the needy members of our society so they can self sustaining.

After being elected as president of the United Methodist Youth fellowship in my local church, one of my longtime friends sent me an e-mail and the last sentence of the e-mail read, ” Albert, remember that great leaders aren’t measured by what they could have achieved, but rather what they did”. It was a challenging message, and whilst serving i always had to question myself what legacy will this act leave into the world and those who bear witness to my work and service. Just that sentence changed my view of leadership and calling to God.

Given the circumstances of the present world where injustice, discrimination, poverty, war and crime takes the lead, we are called to embark on a new journey with Christ. He has called us to ministry and serve him in various capacities. To bring about an end the social vices that have destroyed our society and bear witness to God’s manifestation on earth. This is a calling not only to ordained ministry but also to lay ministry, you can serve God as an accountant and bring change in financial accountability. God has called us to different  types of ministry and i personally feel called to serve uplift the lives of other people who aren’t privileged as i am.

It’s only a few days away from the time i embark on a new journey with Christ, mission work in The Philippines. Helping in capacity building for organisations and programs that help develop self sustaining communities and individuals. It’s a challenging task to leave other professions and desires that seem so exciting to all young people but i am always reminded that God will be with us through this journey. I am thankful to God for my colleagues that have also responded to serving as mission interns, to serve in new communities, people that you haven’t met before, dedicating the precious years of your life to serving others. It’s a blessing and miracle by God.

I invite you all to embark on this journey with me and my colleagues, as we seek to be Christ to the world, as we transform lives of people. You are called to embark on this journey with Christ, it is a calling by God for you to serve to him, serving him through your prayers, finances, time and smile. The journey may not be smooth as we may wish but God has promised to see us through and be with us at all time. Come and let’s embark on this journey with Christ.


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