I wonder what heaven will look like……

After going through certain experiences and seeing developments around me, in the church and society my mind was full of imaginations as to how heaven will look like. It seems as if there has been a swap of roles and expectations between the church and the society in which we live in. Its that time when the church is filled with hate, discrimination, selfishness, and most of the negatives that it is expected to stand for. And the society with its diverse appearance stands for the values that we would have looked up to the church.

I was talking to some fellows a few weeks ago about their journey through life and how they finally decided to be pastors in the UMC. Their responses were varied and most related to certain experiences where they felt the need to serve God and others for no monetary gain and to seek for a closer relationship with God. They wanted to devote their energy and strength to fighting discrimination, social injustice and all the negative vices of our society. But their expectations were soon changed as they were moving towards ordination and commissioning. They were meant to believe that God’s call to ministry has become an inner circle privilege of a few with historical relations to the church. These fellows felt left out in most of the discussions and the reason to silence them was because they were young and new to ministry.

What will heaven be like if we discriminate people in the church and become the center of injustice. I believe the teaching of radical hospitality should begin at church. We need to be welcoming to all and offer a platform for all of God’s children to use their gifts and talents to praise God. It doesn’t matter what other distinctive features people have. For the simple reason that all are humans, they deserve respect, understanding and consideration. I felt bad for my friends who are serving God with such limitations and discrimination simply because of their age and that they have no historical privileges in the church. If we need the heaven to be good for all of us then i think we need to seriously rethink the church. We need to reconsider the way we do ministry and be more considerate of all and open our doors widely.

It seems to be funny and i just wonder what heaven will look like……..


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