The Arab Spring and reconstruction challenges in North Africa need African solutions

When everything was presumed to be well and we all looked forward to a liberated north Africa from dictatorship, it has indeed emerged that North Africa is facing more challenges that indeed require the assistance of fellow Africans for a better solution. The Arab spring has seen the departure of some leaders such as Gadhaffi in Libya and the coming in of new leadership, but the question is how far has the new leadership gone in ensuring that there is improvement in the socio-economic standards of human life in these countries.

Alot of successes can be recorded from the events in North Africa but sadly we have nothing to show that indeed there is change in these countries. I will take Libya for this purpose of analysis. The movement in Libya has seen the departure of the powerful leader Gadhaffi and the establishment of the National Transitional Council that is serving in interim leadership of the nation. The situation in Libya has given us a new sense of hope, hoping for the negative. In as much as change is inevitable and needed, it should be one which is planned towards the welfare of the people. It is not that i am supporting Col Gadhaffi but i want to offer a clear view and analysis that Libya during the time of Gadhaffi was an admired state in the sense of socio-economic developments regardless of the human rights aspects and democracy. The new Libya we have today is marred by divisions and conflicts. This is what the Libyan people are going through, and it has to be acknowledged that there is a negative trend in the quality of life of the Libyan people. I sthis the cost to pay for the extablishment of Democracy and rule of Law, or it has just been an effort to del away with a figure believed to have misled the country? May be my fellows from Libya would help answer that.

The Arab spring has made some tremendous achievements that can not be ignored and indeed has become a chapter in African history. But we need to come down to the understanding that for us to be able to solve the current challenges well, we need the contribution of all African countries. African states have not yet achieved levels of independency and autonomy that they can rely upon their local production. The African neighbors should be ready to offer a hand of help in ideological thinking, resources and services that are critical to the development of the affected countries.

Whilst going through my history notes i have come to the page where i once wrote Africa for the Africans and nothing else. This means that it is the African people that are closeby and should be prepared to offer assistance to their counterparts. We might call upon the Western countries to the rescue of these countries but the question is they are identified as Africans and we need to express the brotherhood love that is part of our tradition without religious discrimination or hindrance.

Many may be curious to know what African can do to settle the challenges existing in North Africa, we firstly need to recognize the fact that history has passed and we need to accept the new leadership regardless of the perceived challenges and weakenesses that might be noted. We need to engage the new leadership on what it means to be independent and how to avoid passing through mistakes that other countries have gone through after becoming independent.  This extension of knowledge and sharing of experiences become critical to the development of these countries and will help them build strong nations from rabble.

Indeed till we are able to show love to our fellow African will we be able to walk in the same path to achieve the same goal, that is a united Africa for the Africans.


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